Warner Alley: A Study on Presence and Immersion
The Team Breakdown
The Team:
  • Luke Muscat: Level design, texture design, static design.
  • Henrik Rypkema: Static Design, texture design, HUD design.
  • Sam Sargent: UT2004 mod creation and programming.
  • Michael Montague: Level design, static design.
Background Information
Warner Alley is the environment created for the Graffiti Luv 1 mod. Graffiti Luv 1 is a full conversion mod for UT2004, which allowed users to move around a virtual alley, and create pieces of Graffiti Art. The mod featured spray can dynamics, multiple colours, pre defined animated tags and a revised movement system.

The mod was based around a study on the topics of presence and immersion within a virtual environment, and a result of carefully examining research on techniques and strategies for increasing a player’s level of embodiment within an environment. As a result of this research, we created a highly dynamic and atmospheric environment. Extensive use of particle systems and complex trigger systems were used to give the environment as high as possible level of dynamic interaction.

Such an example is a motion activated security light, which responds to the players presence. As a secondary interaction, moths will slowly gather around the light once it has turned on, and dissipate after it has switched back of.

In order to create a unique looking and realistic environment for the mod, all art assets were created from scratch.

The alleyway is loosely based off a real alleyway found in Fortitude Valley.


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