de_teresis: A bomb defusal map for Counter Strike: Source
Background Information
De_tersis is a bomb defusal map for Counter Strike: Source. It was created as part of a study that I completed on the structure, layout and flow of Counter Strike maps.

In the study, I broke down popular balanced maps and less balanced maps into a series of nodes and linkages (much like a graph datatype in programming), in order to identify the fundamental layout of the map. Finding that 2 arguably most balanced maps (de_dust2 and de_cobble) had an almost identical node breakdown, I used this as a guide for my map.

The breakdown for Dust 2 and cobble can be seen below, and have obvious similarities.

Dust 1 on the other hand, which tends to become either a very boggy or rush ridden map, depending on the players, can be seen below to have a highly different layout.

Teresis is loosely based off Alcatraz and other notorious jails. The idea is that the prisoners (Terrorists) have broken free of their cells and taken out the guards. They now must plant a bomb against the weak spots in the walls in order to escape, while the Counter terrorism unit must attempt to prevent their escape.

I also spent a great deal of time learning tricks and optimisation techniques for this map. These include:
  • Optimisation through; visual leaf portals, using vvis.exe, effective use of func_detail properties to alter visual portal ranges, use of fade scale to optimise polygons per screen.
  • Render techniques involving vbsp.exe, vrad.exe and vvis.exe.
  • Dissection and analysis of resource graphs.
  • Use and application of physics properties such as gravity, inertia and friction points on static meshes
  • Dynamic lighting techniques

The complete study and supporting website for this map is currently down. I will endeavour to get this information back on line as soon as possible.

Click the thumbnails above to see a larger version.