Parer Place, a level for the Graffiti Luv 2 tangible media installation.


Graffiti Luv 2 was awarded the ACID Tangible Media award in November 2006. It has since been nominated for a QUT wide exhibition, promoting the creative industries.
The Team Breakdown
The Team:
  • Luke Muscat: Level design, texture design.
  • Henrik Rypkema: Static design, accompanying assets design.
  • Sam Sargent: UT2004 mod creation and programming.
  • Michael Szewczyk: Video processing and Mouse driver programming.
Background Information
Parer place is the virtual environment designed for the Graffiti Luv 2 tangible media installation. Graffiti Luv 2 is a full mod for UT2004, which allows users to pick up a physical spraycan, and Graffiti this virtual environment. For more information on the project and installation, visit The Graffiti Luv 2 Project page

Parer Place is a replication of the courtyard found in the Creative Industries Precinct in Kelvin Grove. Every attempt was made to replicate the environment as closely as possible. The reason for this choice of location is that the installation is intended to be situated in this very courtyard.

The combination of the hand built, tangible interface device and the mirroring of the real with the virtual environment, breaks down the barriers between the worlds, inviting the participant to immerse themselves and physically play within a digital context.

The design for Parer Place was particularly tricky, due to the nature of the mod. It had to be created with performance strictly in mind, due to the huge amount of sprite information generated by the game, as well as the extra overhead of real-time video processing being executed in the background.

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